Everyday Candle

Our grey concrete container holds the “Everyday” candle, we pulled inspiration from every state Bobby called home: Massachusetts, his birth state, Kansas, his home, and Texas, his adopted home. We used the scents from each state’s flower—sunflower, bluebonnet, and mayflower—to create a rustic floral scent.

Our candles are made in the USA with an all-natural coconut and beeswax blend allowing for a cleaner, longer burn. All candles are hand-poured by us in custom-designed concrete containers. The lids are individually branded with the Fairchild family cattle brand that meant a lot to Bobby; his grandfather used it. Each candle in our line represents a different memory. Every tiny detail holds meaning, from the size of our candles to the price— candles are 10oz and cost $24.88 to represent Bobby's birthday on 10/24/88. This candle has a total burn time of 15-30 hours. To prevent your candle from burning unevenly, trim the wick to ¼" or less.

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