San Antone & High Plains Burn candles

San Antone
Hand carved in Texas handpoured in Kansas with the scent of lavender and a manly earthiness evokes the comforts and adventures of Bobby’s favorite city

High Plains Burn
Scent of pine, sweetgrass, and embers burning in the distance captures Bobby’s love of our family farm

Our candles are made in the USA with an all-natural coconut and beeswax blend allowing for a cleaner, longer burn. These candles are hand-poured by us in dough bowls from Texas with wooden wicks that crackle. The bottom of the bowl is individually branded with the Fairchild family cattle brand that meant a lot to Bobby; his grandfather used it. Each candle in our line represents a different memory. Every tiny detail holds meaning, from the size of our candles to the price— candles are 12-15ozs each are unique. This candle has a total burn time of 30-50 hours. To prevent your candle from burning unevenly, trim the wick to 1/8” or less.


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